Things about June

Things about June

So we appear to have gone from Autumn to Summer in the course of about 3 days! I must admit that it was rather lovely last year not to have to worry about the warmth of the Summer sun as we were closed during the Summer months because we all know why. Whilst I adore the sun and the warmth personally, on a business level it means poring over the Met Office and BBC Weather forecasts for hours to see if they're going to get it right and praying they might be wrong and it might turn out to be just 20 degrees and dull. This is, after all, the perfect temperature for selling macarons, I determined this a few years ago through much study!

It's also pretty hot in our kitchen and as I write this there's an almighty noise coming from the industrial fan I just bought to keep the kitchen relatively cool for tempering chocolate. 

Anyway, all these things clearly aren't what I'm writing this for, what I'm actually here to tell you about is all the deliciousness that we have for June.

It's finally Summer fruits season! Which means lots of tart flavours, in my opinion the best kind for a macaron. We have chuckleberries (a hybrid of a gooseberry and a blackberry), redcurrants, blackcurrants, gooseberries, raspberries and cherries, all accompanied by gorgeous fresh herbs and leaves. If fruity is your thing this is the month for you, I promise you won't be disappointed.

In addition to our macaron flavours, as promised, we've been working on something else to add to our line up. I'm absolutely delighted that we've added Posh Jaffa Cakes to our product range. You'll get a large macaron biscuit with a fresh and zesty jelly which has been dipped in dark chocolate. And the jelly is made with vege-gel not gelatine so these are suitable for vegetarians. For the moment we're making the classic orange and also a blood orange version and we're so excited by the reaction we've been getting from the lucky people who've already had a taste. 

We're beginning to roll them out at our markets and as soon as we have some pics made we'll be putting them on the site so you can order online. Watch this space!