Weddings, Events, Towers

If you’re after your own VERY limited edition of macarons, we’ve got you.

We make our macarons for brides, grooms, mayors, singers, actors, actresses; big parties, small weddings, farmyard shindigs (Yep!), large companies, micro organisations, kids’ extravaganzas, bijou soirees, enormous spectaculars, birthday parties; big kids, small kids, in between kids, 70ths, 1sts, 100ths; and we’d love to make some for YOUR event too, whether it’s an event for 5 or 5000.

You pick the colour schemes and the flavours from our list (we’ll offer advice about what’s available at that time, some ingredients are hard to get hold of when they’re not in season) and then tell us how you’d like them – be it big boxes, small boxes, wedding favours, chocolate mounted 1m tower, layered tower, little bags; with ribbon, with raffia, with a label, a note, a tag; flowers, glitter, metallic - the list goes on.

We can even put a simple logo or image onto your chosen macarons. Get in touch to discuss your options.

And if there’s nothing you like the sound of on our menu we can work with you to create a complete one off, just for you and your event.

We can come along to your event (unless it requires trains or planes, although depending on the location we could be persuaded…) and set up your macarons with flowers or décor, or you can pick up everything from us, we’re very flexible and we love to do it.

Do get in touch to have a chat about what you’d like.
Weddings, Events, Towers