Words about Wagon Wheels

Words about Wagon Wheels

I originally came up with the idea of making a large macaron, filling it with marshmallow and dipping it in chocolate four or five years ago, and then never got round to actually trying it out. During the first lockdown the idea occurred to me again and I decided we should put it on the menu. 

I associate old school Wagon Wheels with doing my A-levels way back when, because I'd often have one at morning break. Can't think why my school had them available! These were the ones with just marshmallow, I've never had one with jam which is what a lot of other people seem to think of when they think of Wagon Wheels. These days they're not that readily available but I did manage to find one last Summer and it wasn't quite what I remembered, and it was certainly a lot flatter than I thought! 

So when I remembered my idea of the marshmallow macaron and it occurred to me that it was similar I thought it would be a kind of elevated Wagon Wheel. Hence the Posh Wagon Wheel was born. 

At first, because all the part assembled together would be very sweet, I thought it would be best to stick with dark chocolate so as to kick out some of the sweetness but I was forgetting that most of us like milk chocolate best, me included! So after a few weeks of having them on our stalls, I thought let's try some milk chocolate too.

Since then we've come a long way! We've now started incorporating things like honeycomb, malted milk chunks (like a malteser) and popping candy into the chocolate as well as using white and ruby chocolates. Once a week our kitchen turns into a full on chocolate factory! I'm delighted that this month we'll be using freeze fried strawberries in the chocolate and we'll have raspberry next month.

What looks like something that would be incredibly heavy and filling is actually light and delicate, and unlike the original which is fairly thin, ours are plumptious and extremely tempting! 

Wagon Wheels are available for UK-wide delivery and you can also pick them up at our markets.

And watch this space for more Posh versions of British Classics, we're working on them now....