Eggggcellent Eggs

Eggggcellent Eggs

I’ve been using Clarence Court eggs at home for years – there’s nothing better than the bright orange yolks that their Burford Brown or Old Cotswold Legbar hens produce to make your scrambled eggs brighten up a dull morning. 

So when they approached us and told us they’d just started producing egg white-only cartons I got VERY excited. It won’t surprise you to know that we don’t have the time to spend separating yolks from whites but we’d been sourcing our whites from another supplier for a while and their provenance wasn’t always clear and their pricing a little on the high side. The egg whites that Clarence Court produce come only from hens who live and work (😉) in the UK, and are free to roam around their enormous pastures eating all sorts of delicious things like wheat, sunflower, seashell, soya, paprika and marigold. TBH I’m pretty envious of these ladies, they seem to live a pretty charmed life.  

We’re not just buying egg whites from CC, you too can get the benefits of the lovely hen diet and the bright orange yolks! We’re using their whole eggs in some of our buttercream fillings as well as in some of the new products we’re offering like sponge cakes and cheese cakes and frankly they taste all the better for it.  

I’m so happy to be working with the ladies of Clarence Court and highly recommend you use their eggs for all your cooking too, as you can buy them everywhere!