giselle richardson making macarons - her story

giselle richardson creates British-inspired macarons in its Clerkenwell kitchen.

Giselle Richardson made her first macaron in 2011 when she couldn’t think of a gift for a good friend’s 30th birthday that wasn’t a handbag from Chloe, Celine or Chanel. Said friend had been nagging her to try making macarons for a while so after a number of absolute refusals due to the fearsome reputation making macarons had (have), it seemed the perfect solution.

Her first attempt went rather well thanks, however it took her another 8 months to get them looking similar and she abandoned pursuit a number of times, including when another friend asked her to make a yellow and grey macaron tower for her wedding (out of loyalty, she has not tried again because it would probably go quite a lot better and that would be a bit unfair).

In Summer 2012 Giselle took the opportunity to establish a pop-up coffee stall in the garden of a London gallery during an exhibition by British artist Grayson Perry, which took a close look at what it means to be British. Giselle took the exhibition’s themes as inspiration for her flavours for the food at the stall, creating amongst others, a Cucumber macaron, which continues to be her all time favourite flavour.

Following the exhibition she started selling her wares in Marylebone Village and in 2013 began working with various event caterers and planners, many of whom she’s delighted to still be working with.

Now Giselle Richardson comprises a small but mighty group of chefs, traders and admins who are all actively encouraged to eat the product they make and sell. To this day, Giselle isn’t entirely sure who’s more welcome at parties – her or her macarons…..